Male Face Treatment

Male Face Treatment

The Male Face Treatment

More men are going to spas as males embrace wellness industry.

Have you been neglecting your facial care, haunted by that scene in American Psycho when Christian Bale glacially tears his face away, so you just resort to a quick scrub in the shower with the same brand of face wash you’ve used since you were a spotty teen?

Mistake. Your face is your first line of defence against the world. There’s no point in having 40-inch biceps or designer labels dripping off your anatomy when everyone is staring at your grey, flaky skin. It’s time to facial, lads. Facial hard. Facial like you’ve got nothing left to facial (or just until your skin is the best it can be).

All treatments offered on other pages are available for you too! With the most popular ones being

Jaw definition and chin augmentation:

Using specific types of Dermal Fillers for a more masculine edgy look.

Male Hair treatments:

Don’t leave your head I’ll it’s completely deserted! Unless that’s what your lady likes otherwise we are here to help!

We offer hair strengthening treatment using mesotherapy and PRP.

Male Anti perspiration injections:

Imagine what life would be like if you don’t have to worry about smelling sweaty or stained armpits of your favourite white shirt!

Anti wrinkle treatment for men.

We might leave you a few lines as it was proven that you look sexier with a few!

But all lines present is a bit too much, you don’t want to look old, tired and exhausted all the time!

  • Remember: if you look it, you feel it, so let’s help you look fresher and more youthful and energetic!

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