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beauty face skin consultations

Our face, hair and skin consultations

We will cover the following…

  • In depth facial analysis.

    I will explain to you your facial structure in detail from the aesthetic ( beauty) point of you.
    Highlight areas that can be improved, rejuvenated, made to look its best.

  • Personalised Bespoke treatment plan.

    I will explain to you what can be done, materials that I propose using , all FDA approved, best products on the market.

  • Thorough and clear explanation of possible side effects, complications and how we will manage them if they happen.

  • Professional execution of treatment , done by an experienced, fully qualified and insured medical practitioner.

Why Beauty Face Skin Consultations?

  • Respect your original facial anatomy, we strive to make you look like the best version of yourself, natural looks is what we always aim for, you will not find any of my patients with over filled lips or tennis ball cheeks.

  • An after care plan and follow up arrangements.

  • Competitive prices, and regular offers and discounts because..Why not!

Beauty Face Skin Consultations

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